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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Despite the massive rise of online retail in recent times, Brick-and-Mortar have somehow managed to hold its’ own. With the worst phase gone, things are now again looking bright for offline retail. An in-flux of advanced levels of technology in-store along with the growing relevance of omnichannel retailing has meant that the focus is well
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The role and prevalence of Internet of things in retail (IoT) is on the rise and will be for a good time to come. Retailers are looking to connect almost everything to the internet these days. They are constantly on the lookout for elevating the in-store experience of customers by driving their levels of convenience
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The year 2016 has been quite a turning point for the retail sector. Brick-and-Mortar is very much alive and will be in the time to come. Last year, retailers found unique ways to cater to the in-store personalization needs of the customers. The retailer’s ambition along with the rise of technology has taken retail marketing
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Omnichannel retailing is considered to be the modern way of retailing across the Globe today. This modern way of retailing has penetrated into the mindsets of the Indian retailers as they focus on having an omnichannel presence. They certainly are on the right track and are bound to succeed in the future if they persist
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We all know the role merchandising plays in enhancing the in-store experience of customers in retail. But it's one thing enhancing the customer-shopping experience. The merchandising strategies in place should end up driving the overall sales performance in the store considerably.   Visual Merchandising involves everything that the store uses to attract and lure customers,
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Love is in the air and retailers across the globe sense an opportunity to make a mark. Historically, Valentines Day, has turned out to be quite productive for retailers. This year too they will be hoping for something alike. Let's have a look at what's in store for them in 2017.   Trend Analysis and
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