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Monthly Archives: January 2017

We are well into 2017 and here is looking ahead to another year in apparel retail. Consistent integration in technology along with innovation and personalization will be the key drivers of success in this sector. According to a mid December report released by Moody's, a growth of 6% to 8% is expected this year. Nothing
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The aspect of marketing is a challenging proposition for brands and retailers today. With evolving market scenarios and the emergence of new customer groups, the challenge has certainly intensified over the years. Recently, millennials have hogged all the limelight, but now it's time to focus on Generation Z.   (image credit shutterstock) Customers who fall
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gen z consumers

Retailers are constantly looking to invest in refining their online search, so that it is convenient for their customers to find what they want easily. There has been a definite shift from using texts to sharing images in recent years. With internet enabled smart phones turning out to be one of the most preferred mediums
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The ups and downs in the retail sphere in recent times has not been for the lack of technological breakthroughs. If anything at all, technology has powered retail into a state of domination. Amidst these advanced breakthroughs, whispers of a certain technological marvel has reverberated throughout the stretch of the retail sector time and again.
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Today, retailers realize that there is no limit to the expectations that their customers have from them. Meeting customer expectations for a glorified existence is no more an option to achieve for retailers. It has become a requirement which they need to fulfill. In such a case, retailers can't afford to be satisfied with what
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