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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The New Year of 2017 beckons and retailers all around the Globe will be aspiring for more, especially with regards to conversions and new customer acquisitions. We are already into the last quarter of 2016 and retailers have an idea of what has worked for them over the course of the year. Clarity in understanding
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Retailers have attended to the personalization needs of the consumers in a more than credible way for quite some time now. The advancement of big data analytics has powered retailers to enhance the customer shopping experience and elevate it to a new level. But every retailer will agree that the consumers have more than played
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Retailers have already shifted to a customer-centric approach of marketing. The product-centric approach is no more viable. This is because of the rising expectations of the consumers of their retailers. Consumers want retailers to anticipate what they want and would like them to communicate the offering in the most pertinent way possible. In this case,
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Innovation in Retail Technology in recent times has been focused around the need for enhancing customer personalization. The latest development in the form of Chatbots (powered by Artificial Intelligence) is no exception. A chatbot, is essentially a computer programme that responsively interacts with people in the form of human speech by using data and intelligence.
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For the last few years, online-only retailers have flourished beyond belief. Brick-and-Mortar has taken a beating indeed, but the tides might have just started to turn. Brick-and-Mortar has been down, but certainly not out. It's not that customers suddenly are bored of shopping online or from their mobiles. It's just that, a huge plethora of
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