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Monthly Archives: March 2016

BI (Business Intelligence), can provide any business with the accurate information and analysis that will help it to spot and respond to diverse interests, priorities, and future prospects. BI intensifies the knowledge of the company's effectiveness and hence facilitate the company to be predictive in decision making.   For a better business growth, it is
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Business Intelligence Retail

Retail in-Store are aiming to increase their ROI at a substantial rate by the end of 2016.   Most of the retail sectors and small business units are looking at the huge potentiality of the cloud technology and using it for the market benefits. Retail sectors are using the Cloud Technology for approaching the prospects
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cloud technology retail

Big Data Analytics is an all new application trend in the global retail process. Big Data Analysis in the retail world is quite challenging which has underpinned the emergence of Retail Analytics. Working out on demand of the popular products, predicting the trends, forecasting the demand, price optimization, identification of customer's behavior, changing the traditional
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big data in retail