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Our vision is to rethink
healthcare technology and make it invisible
and assistive, allowing doctors to do what
they love — take care of patients.
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We go beyond traditional data analytics
to transform the healthcare journey of doctors and patients
alike. We analyse data-sets from EHRs and provide power and
intelligence to doctors, as they redefine quality care through
clinical-precision and personalised medication.

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We provide power to patients
through Healthspot. From self-check-ins and payments,
to verifying real-time demographics and navigation
assistance, Tickto's world-class health kiosks puts
patient-centric healthcare at a pedestal.

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We deploy deep analytics
on unstructured data, augmenting advanced
care-delivery opportunities and optimizing
care management. We are New- Age healthcare
and we guarantee ROI.

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Redefining Global Healthcare.

Unleashing the value of medical data for the new
ecentralised healthcare economy.

Useful Health Data

Gone are the days when gathering data was the tough part. It all comes down to what one does with the available bulk. Tickto powers a comprehensive understanding of the data and turns it....   more  

Public Blockchain

For quite some time now, the healthcare industry has been under the pressure of regulating costs, but at the same time   more  

Tickto Tokens

Tickto tokens helps provide the perfect impetus that encourages a disparate group who are unaware of how to organize themselves or trust each other around the overall purpose of a specific Blockchain.

Enrich patient experience

Tickto's highly integrated and connected solution redefines the patient experience ....

Improve Quality of Care

In healthcare, there is always room for improvement in diagnosis and disease management ....

Increase operational efficiency

The connected healthcare system due to the highly integrated mobile app and proximity ....

A compact, all-round solution for health service providers
Care360, as the name suggests is an all-round, comprehensive health solution for Service providers, doctors, and patients connecting and optimizing all the touchpoints between them and the hospital.
Putting patient-feedback at the highest pedestal
A patient's healthcare journey should be highly curated and personalised. The weCare solution ensures that all the patient data collected is turned into actionable insights.
Enabling an interactive trip to the hospital
A visit to the hospital should be an experience. The Q Flow platform integrated in LED displays ensures that patients are well-informed and well-engaged throughout...
Taking patient-convenience to a new level
Tickto's award-winning healthcare kiosks encourage patients to take control of their own care, thereby improving customer satisfaction, enhancing clinical outcomes and reducing overall costs.

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we are tickto
A team of passionate, creative and caring thinkers, building intelligent technology
that makes a difference in the world