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Proximity Marketing with Beacons: Know How They Work

Why Should Retailers Deploy Beacons?


The promise of the beacon is exciting. It can communicate with Beacon enabled device (like your smartphone). In Retail store, it can thus be applied to know when and where a customer is in your store via your in-store app in their mobile. So, you can understand the hype and expectation around the proximity devices.


Beacon technology used in retail improve the customer's in-store experience that includes cases like – Click and Collect, Customer Loyalty etc. But we are waiting for Beacon to serve the purpose of retail marketing messaging.


Let us now inspect what Beacons can (and cannot) Do:


How: Lets Check Beacon Basics?


Tickto Beacon device is a hardware that emits and receive BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy signals . Any Bluetooth-enabled device – like a smartphone or an ordinary mobile can receive the signal. But there are few conditions that must hold true for a successful promotional data transfer.


  • The target passerby or customer should have installed the store app (ie. beacon integrated app) on their handheld device.


  • The target people must enable location services and switch ON their phone's Bluetooth.

It is to be mentioned here that beacons do not send any messages on their own, they, when deployed in addition to the proximity devices, can provide a variety of information for various purposes like:


  • Triggers offers and messages.

  • Gain insight into customer's in-store behaviour

  • Empower in-store representatives with relevant insight about shoppers checking into the store

  • Enable click and collect in a more efficient and personalised manner

When a Shopper Enters Your Store…


A Large number of proximity technologies are taking active part that includes geofencing, NFC, GPS, WiFi. But Beacon standout as it point the proximity with accuracy to a distant of ten centimeters or so.


This provides the retailer with a new insight that was never so before, like when the customer is in a definite location in (or even outside) your store.


Beacons Devices thus unlock the door to a realm of opportunities for the “right-time” triggered experiences. But location data in isolation is inadequate to deliver the relevant texts and experiences desired by brands and customers alike. The ability to reach customers on their smartphone or mobile is something very easy, but doing so with relevant and timely content is the exact key for increasing the sales.


in-store mobile marketing


Who Are You Talking to – Target Set Up?


For the real success of the proximity marketing, the retailer must know the details of their customers, rather than knowing only their location.


Why? Because the same manner that "batch-and-blast" email does nothing other than annoying customers, bulk message triggered without research will only irritate customers doing nothing else.


Beacon and other Proximity-triggered messages must be targeted, timely and appropriate to every recipient receiving the one, and this requires a comprehensive insight beyond just the location event.


Examples are –


  • Demographic detail (age, gender etc.)

  • Purchase History– what are the products frequently bought by the consumers?

  • When did they last buy from your store?

  • Are they a member of your loyalty program?

  • What do they feel about your brand?

  • Do you know the customer persona of your buyers?


What You Need and What Is Your next Objective?


If you want your beacon strategy to score good, and deliver you a high return on investment, you need to connect many dots for the success.


  • Application of Beacon marketing involves a broad strategy framing. There’s little or no use beacons use if your shoppers don’t have your app installed on their phone. So your Store App installation is a Must in your consumers' smartphone.

  • You must decide and design what are the messages that are to be sent to your customers and also if any messages are to be sent at all.

  • It needs technology that gears customers insight in real-time.

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Ajay Hirwat has 5 + years of experience in Program Management and has been the Key Contributor of success at Marque clients of Tickto. He has been involved in the development and making sure that product works as promised. An BE ( Hons) from CSVTU, Chattisgarh, Ajay started his career with Maketick as an QA Analytic and grew through the ranks to become a Lead in his current role. He shifted to Tickto from July, 2015 and since then has been integrally involved with key customer accounts.

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