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Promising Beacon Technology for Store Managers and Consumer

Beacon Technology is on its way to strengthen buyer-seller relationship and provide data to the retailers to improve the in-store experience for the shoppers.


For years, retailers considered Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to track the number of walk-ins at the store and customer behavior . But as that technology has reached its limits, Beacon is playing its game to deliver promising customer in-store shopping experience.

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How Beacon Works?


The Consumer needs to use a Bluetooth enabled handset and install the store app on their device to let the beacon work. When done, the consumers are ready to grab the super saver deals of their favorite retail. As they are within the range of the store mannequins, the beacon will send a signal providing all clothing details – price, size, choice of color etc. along with the details of accessories the mannequin is wearing via Bluetooth.

Beacon also guides the shopper to the purchase point so that they can get the deal. If customized, it can even send a link to the retailer's website to help them buy it directly online.


Beacon Technology has enormous potential to present a more engaging shopping experience to its loyal buyers. It helps the user to access the information of their desired products with special offers and/or discounts for the shoppers. In addition, beacon also provides useful data on buyer's shopping habit, product analysis, and staff activity as well, that can allow retailers to improve and maintain the service standards and operation techniques to benefit both the consumer and the retailer.


But why Beacon?


  • Low Cost.

  • Micro Location Based Technology.

  • BLE 4.0 – Low Energy For Communication.

Retailer helped by Beacon – How?


A Comparison with Mannequin


House of Fraser’s mannequins helps to boost customer engagement with one who are already in the store, but beacons help them to step into your store in the very first place.


beacon in mannequins


Retailers can install beacon in their window display to pin promotional messages to the passerby. It can also be installed near the public communication spots like – bus stops, tube stations to direct the consumer to a specific store near to the spot.


A mannequin can attract a few shopper to step into the store, but beacon can attract a few sales into the store. So, beacon surely is a better option. If you want to boost customer engagement in the store, you need to install beacon in the store.


Beacon – Why?


  • Retailers use the beacon to identify their patrons, fathom their daily needs, push the message accordingly to increase customer loyalty and build a strong relation with them.


  • Beacon finds its use in tracking the total number of visitors in the store on a daily basis. It helps to analyze the departments – where most of the customers like spending the maximum amount of their shopping time.

    It thus helps them to understand which displays are most effective and arrange their store products in that store section. Beacon, thus can study and identify the pick hours at the store, and keep their staff active and alert for the sale rush.


  • Retailers also use Beacon to calculate the number of promotional vouchers redeemed to monitor the daily conversions.


  • Monitoring staff in the retail is crucial. Retailers can track how long the staff entertains the customer and thereby keep a record of staff efficiency using a beacon. The report can also be used for customer training purposes.


  • Alerts can be sent via beacon to the retail owners when some task are to be carried out inside the store. For example, Let us consider an area having a high traffic needs and that is to be restocked. Beacon can be used to monitor how long each staff should take and how they can split their time between the stockroom and store floor.


  • Beacon technology are also used to track vendor activity, monitor deliveries, and secure vendor compliance.


  • Needless to say, with the beacon devices, customers can also get tailored offers and discounts designed to reward their loyalty and engage them in shopping.


  • One of the most used benefits of the beacon is its integration capacity with popular third-party shopping apps like PayPal or PriceChecker.

Getting customers Onboard


No wonder why most of the major retailers are heading for installation of beacon device in their store, but for a successful installation, the retailers must identify who are his potential buyers, and make sure buyers are voluntarily installing the store app on their smartphone.


Though it is more convenient for a customer to download one app for a number of retail outlets than to download one app for one store, but retailers can overcome this by educating the customers about the unique benefits of this technology.


Customers always go for a beneficial offer. So, even when challenge persists, if offers and benefits are relevant and profitable, retailers can remain well off from the customer's enhanced engagement and go for further insight into their instore behavior to get hold of high ROI.

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