The Healthcare sector, overtime has gained efficiency because of increased modernization. The advanced quality of medicines coupled with the well-established modern day operating techniques & therapies hold healthcare in good stead. There is enough room though, to accommodate a highly integrated, cost effective and connected ecosystem that can essentially double the power of data, data analytics and its use.

The IoT powered Tickto Solutions revolutionizes the face of modern healthcare by facilitating the healthcare journey of doctors, pharmacies, and patients alike by improving topline, enhancing efficiency in operations, reducing patient misdiagnosis, providing a paperless administration, and ensuring patient happiness.

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Care360 Solution

    Care360, as the name suggests is an all-round, comprehensive health solution for Service providers, doctors, and patients connecting and optimizing all the touchpoints between them and the hospital.

  • Operational Parameters
  • Hospital top-line
  • Quality of delivered medical care
  • Physician efficiency
  • Flow of data

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WeCare Solution

    A patient's healthcare journey does not end after the discharge procedure. The WeCare solution platform helps bridge the doctor-patient gap post the patient's exit from the hospital. With WeCare Solution, patients can stay connected with their doctors and enjoy the liberty of

  • Personalized Medication
  • Post-treatment advices
  • Single, amalgamated viewing of past medical history
  • Communicating health redevelopments
  • Prolonged health guidance
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Q Flow

    A visit to the hospital should be an experience. The Q Flow platform integrated in LED displays ensures that patients are well-informed and well-engaged throughout their stay at the hospital, taking home more than just diagnosis and treatment. The primary functions include:

  • Doctor consultation timing display
  • Out-patient Department sequence display
  • Populate screens with healthcare newsfeeds
  • Promote Hospital Services
  • Provide Wayfinding assistance to patients
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    Tickto's award-winning healthcare kiosks encourage patients to take control of their own care, thereby improving customer satisfaction, enhancing clinical outcomes and reducing overall healthcare delivery costs.

  • Appointment Booking
  • Verification of Real-time demographics
  • Alert Notification / Location Navigation
  • Updated Prescription / Medicine list viewing
  • Outstanding Balance check