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Boost Your Retail Store’s Customer Experience with Proximity Marketing

Traditional physical stores are finally getting the required technology boost to meet the changing demands of modern-day smartphone using customers. Even when tech-savvy shoppers are looking for products in a physical store, on-the-fly data is extremely significant for pampering your buyers with a custom shopping experience. Customers need to know exactly what personalized retail offers they are getting while shopping. Providing shoppers with a custom experience is possible with Proximity Marketing.   

These are new changes, and enable retailers to leverage simple, easy to use and cost-effective technology along with smartphones that most buyers own today. With the help of proximity sensors, and gathering crucial information from them, retail storeowners can deliver unique, interesting and custom shopping experiences for modern-day shoppers.

proximity marketing

Keep reading this post to learn how Proximity Marketing can take the Retail shopping experience to the next level.

Your Store Turns into a Digital Playground

Neat, plush and smart looking stores are not enough to engage customers today. Many stores have gone into oblivion despite the look and the glamour. Now, it is time to invest in the latest digital technologies and this strategy is reaping promising results, transforming stores into digital playgrounds.

Now, shoppers can saunter into your store and make an informed decision with the help of digital information. Highly advanced proximity sensors are made in accordance with superior mobile technology. In the recent times, BLE, i.e. (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled sensors are used by retailers to fix issues pertaining to customer engagement and operations. The benefits of these advanced sensors are:

  • Helps brick-and-mortar storeowners to implement an intelligent buying experience
  • Facilitates advanced targeting
  • Custom shopping experience for buyers
  • In-store customer tracing
  • With exterior beacons, even people passing by your store can show interest in your merchandise

Shoppers Receive the Most Relevant Offers

With loads of data generated, modern retail owners can make the most of the treasure trove of information. The accurate and strategic use of this data will help them improve their predictive abilities. With proximity marketing; shoppers are not pestered with irrelevant offers, but get only relevant offers that interest them.  This way, stores enjoy more sales as well as conversion rates.  

Both with proximity marketing and beacon technology, this benefit can be brought into your store. Buyers will receive customized offers for products that are near. As per their buying habits, they will receive suitable offers in accordance with their buying histories.

Tussle Lessened between Browsing & Digital Research

Studies show that more than 80 percent of customers use their smartphones when shopping. A whopping 49 percent actually perform a digital research to find out what your competitors are offering and at what price. They also research a lot on product reviews. These habits are very common among shoppers now and they prefer to look for more information using their phones than just finding out what is on the shelves.

Proximity marketing through high-end beacons provides a seamless experience for today’s shoppers. Buyers receive unique deals, offers and product related information instantly when shopping. All they are required to do is look at the offers flashing on their phones, and avail the same.

So, we see that proximity marketing reduces the tiff between digital research and browsing. It also transforms your brick-and-mortar store into a digital showroom with authentic sources of product-based information.

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